What is the Abba 'Bisht' worn by Messi and why the controversy over it? | Messi | Lionel Messi

What is the Abba 'Bisht' worn by Messi and why the controversy over it? | Messi | Lionel Messi

The FIFA World Cup, with all its ups and downs, ended on Sunday with a victory for Argentina and when it came to lifting the World Cup trophy, captain Lionel Messi was seen in a new guise.

Before being presented with the World Cup trophy, he donned the majestic 'Bisht', the Qatari aba, Jabba or robe, and lifted the trophy in a historic moment watched by millions of people around the world.

On social media, where there were discussions with hashtags like 'World Cup Final, Messi, Mbappe, Argentina, France, and Football', 'Aba' also started trending in English. 

While many praised the lavish outfit and said it was worthy of a soccer prince like Messi, many criticized Qatar for 'imposing its civilization' on it.

It should be noted that this World Cup has been subject to controversy ever since the decision to host it was given in favor of Qatar and since then there have been various accusations against Qatar from time to time.

What is Bisht or Qatari Abba?

Bisht means abaya (for men) or abaya (for women) is actually a traditional dress of Arabs, also known as Bisht, Mishnah, etc. 
It is said that among the Arabs it is worn over the robe and it is also considered a sign of greatness.
It can also be seen wearing Imam Masjid on Fridays and Eid's around the world apart from the Arab world in general.
Its color is black, brown, beige, almond, etc., which blooms more on white cloth. It is studded with precious stones which are usually gold or silver in color.
However, some media houses wrote that Messi was 'forced' by FIFA's top officials to wear the Arabic robe 'Bisht' at the presentation ceremony, while others described it as a historic moment that will forever be etched in World Cup history and the imagination of the Middle East. has been registered for.

Bisht mentioned on social media

Argentina's footballer Messi's name has been trending on social media throughout the World Cup and even before. His fans often compare him with Portugal's star footballer Ronaldo.
Football fan Fahad Al-Otaibi tweeted in Arabic 'I am moved by the idea of ​​wearing a Bisht. This is a picture that will forever remain in history.
"Whoever came up with the idea of ​​Bisht was a genius," wrote Hamad al-Mujidi of Real Madrid. This region may not get the right to host the World Cup again in our lifetime but our mark is forever etched in World Cup history and for those who don't like this moment, we really don't see them saying anything at this point. If only they had wrapped themselves in a rainbow flag or a Ukrainian flag.'


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