Health benefits of Dry fruits especially Peanuts (Mung phali) and Pine nuts (Chilgoza)

 Health benefits of Dry fruits especially Peanuts (Mung phali) and Pine nuts (Chilgoza)
Health Benefits of Peanuts and Pine nuts

Winter and Dry fruits (Peanuts (Mung phali) and Pine nuts (Chilgoza))

Winter is liked by most people more than summer. In winter, enjoying dry fruits by snuggling in a soft, warm quilt is the favorite pastime of every special and ordinary person. Coming and going from the office, blowing hot steam from the mouth. Who doesn't like to eat Peanuts (Mung phali) and Peanuts (Mung phali) from the roadside stall? These dry fruits not only heat the body but also have many nutritional benefits. Food is useful.

Groundnuts and chickpeas have also more important in nuts.

Hot Peanuts

Hot Peanuts (Mung phali) are relished by everyone. Peanuts (Mung phali) are eaten in many ways. Roasted Peanuts (Mung phali) are eaten peeled.

Shelled Peanuts

Shelled Peanuts (Mung phali) are also eaten by adding salt and roasting them. In this way, its taste is enhanced, but eating salted Peanuts (Mung phali) is harmful to blood pressure patients, as it contains more salt.

Health Benefits of Peanuts (Mung phali)
Health Benefits of Peanuts (Mung phali)

It is better for people with high blood pressure to avoid eating salted Peanuts (Mung phali) without consulting their doctor.

According to a recent study by Harvard University, if Peanuts (Mung phali) are included in your diet, it creates immunity against many diseases. It is a healthy food, which also helps you lose weight. It can also be considered a substitute for red meat due to the nutrients present in the pod.


Peanuts (Mung phali) are also useful for weak people. 100 grams of Peanuts (Mung phali) contain 269 grams of nutrients, 559 grams of calories, 74 grams of calcium, 19 milligrams of iron, 30 milligrams of vitamin B (vitamin B), 30 milligrams of vitamin E, riboflavin and niacin also found. It does not contain cholesterol at all. Groundnut also helps in removing cancer. Groundnut is available to every class as it is a portion of cheap food.

Peanuts (Mung phali) are more expensive than Peanuts (Mung phali). It is very difficult for people with low income to buy even a handful of Peanuts (Mung phali). Peanuts (Mung phali) are actually a seed, which is obtained from different types of pine trees.

Pine nuts (Chilgoza)
Chilgoza (Pine Nuts)

Pine nuts (Chilgoza) are available all year round but in winter its price skyrockets. Shelled and roasted Pine nuts (Chilgoza) are eagerly eaten.

Health Benefits of Pine nuts (Chilgoza)
Health Benefits of Pine nuts (Chilgoza)

In humid areas, Pine nuts (Chilgoza) are prone to insects, so it is stored in air-tight bags. 10 grams of calories are found in 10 Pine nuts (Chilgoza). It also contains protein, starch and fiber. Medicinally, Pine nuts (Chilgoza) have a lot of importance. It helps to reduce cholesterol in the body. If Pine nuts (Chilgoza) is put in airtight bags and kept in the freezer of the refrigerator, they will not spoil for three months.


Nuts are a precious and precious gift of winter, but they should be eaten in moderation because nuts eaten in moderation not only make you healthy and energetic but also protect you from the harmful effects of cold weather.

The treasures of strength are hidden in Peanuts (Mung phali) and Pine nuts (Chilgoza). By eating them, such energy is generated that our body is ready to fight many infections in the cold weather. Peanuts (Mung phali) strengthen muscles. Nutrients are abundant, so eating Peanuts (Mung phali) is beneficial for the health of exercisers.

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